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##Ascent From the small village of La Sauce (1620 m) follow the small road until the crossing at 50 m, a sign indicates the Cheval Noir, continue on the small road until the chalets of La Platières (1953 m).

Turn right and follow the Ruisseau du Cheval Noir to the lakes (the trail does not really exist, it is weakly present intermittently, but some cairns are clearly visible).

From the lakes, reach the Col du Cheval Noir (2527 m) by the grass slope of your choice and then join the great trail that climbs to the summit from St Francois Longchamp or Valmorel.

One last little raid before the summit. ##Descending By the same route variant of technical and off-piste descent by "la frasse"" (dimension T5): from the top follow the crest towards the S until a wide flat where the view on the black valley is superb, then follow the ridge S first on the wire and then slope E when it becomes too rocky, at the end of the rocky bar cross towards the W (exposed) to resume the line of the ridge.

From there, it is possible to go down almost anywhere towards the black horse lakes, the simplest solution being to continue on the ridge until about 2580 m (at the beginning of a talweg that levelled the ridge) following the slope towards the W slope until about 2490 m from there pull to the right to reach the first lake, then the second and finally the black horse pass (difference in height of about 100 m)<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._