Easy ridge route, transition between hiking and mountaineering, ideal for initiation to insurance on the move.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



[img=219289 right/] ##Ascension From the "chapelle de Notre-Dame de la Gorge", turn right onto the road in the direction of Bûche croisé.

From the chairlift of Buche Croisé take the left track after 200m uphill take the path to the left that leads to the Col de Roselette, then take direction ""col de la fenêtre"". From the hill, follow the ridge towards the N.

Pass slope W before reaching the ridge then change slope by the dexterity of a small earthy chimney.

border the gendarmes of the ridge to climb up to a hill, east of the summit.

pass the summit then climb it by easy steps of the NE. ##Descent go down NW, along the vertical path that leads to the path of the Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc.

A last highlight of the edge is dexterous or is drawn on the right.

then leave the edge for the path that goes down NW.

arrive at the chalets of Roselette then Bûche Croisée.

take the alternative that arrives at the Roman road right bank of Nant Borant at the level of the Roman bridge.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._