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[img=696943 right]Petit Mont Blanc normal route[/img] ##Ascent Take the road towards the Elisabetta refuge.

Cross a landslide area and then next to the Lac de Combal refreshment bar take an upward path towards the Rainetto bivouac.

The path crosses on its side at the beginning and then on a slight climb, before finally attacking straight into the wide valley between the Aiguille de Combal and Mont Suc. At one point the trail crosses a stream (from left to right bank), goes up well and does not get carried away to a trail that crosses long on its side.

Some very easy mini climbing passages (I+/II-) and not exposed.

The path is generally to the left and very well marked in yellow.

Then come to come across a small rocky bar from which a mini waterfall flows (usually with a neve at the foot).

Cross under the bar to the left, climbing a little and then crossing back to the right (a few mini passages with your hands).

Walk globally towards the edge on the left.

By a few passages with your hands, arrive at the bivouac.

With the snow the markings are not always visible but it is always necessary to look for the easiest, it goes to many places. Then it's simple, straight ahead, depending on your desire, either straight down the slope or staying on the croup.

Arriving at a flat spot, the summit is in front at 30 m. ##Return Same route as the ascent.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._