A great double black diamond trail with rugged terrain - when it's open.









Double Dipper is a double black diamond that begins as an intermediate trail before it crosses over Great Northern.

To access this location, you can take the Canyon Quad or the North Ridge Triple.

Exit both lifts to the left.

Proceed down upper Double Dipper and cross over Great Northern.

Watch for heavy traffic to your right coming down on Great Northern.

Enter the top of Double Dipper over a fairly flat area at first.

This trail has a nice fall line until it merges with the bottom of Downdraft where it changes to a double fall line.

This trail is very wide with a lot of moguls.

It is rarely groomed and is often closed due to thin cover and the large amount of wind at the top of the trail after it crosses over Great Northern.

The significant wind conditions often create boilerplate ice at the top, so beware.

Also, note that the Canyon Quad is cold and slow and then windy as it passes out of the canyon over Great Northern.

The pitch gets very steep as you proceed down with nice challenging terrain especially on a powder day.

Stay to skier’s left to avoid a huge icy area where the trail merges with Downdraft.

This trail has a lot of light.

A perfect expert run for people who are looking for steep and rugged terrain.