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[img=219862 right/] ##Montée Buet Departure from Buet station.

Ascent right bank of the Bérard torrent.

Then follow the bottom of the valley to the Pierre à Bérard refuge.

Go up under the Salenton needle, reach a pass of the SE ridge of the Grenier de Willy (2650 m) then go up towards the Gendarmerie relay at 3048 m, continue until the top on the ridge (cairn) by passing by the Pictet shelter (4h30). ##Descent and crossing the Terrace Pass From the top, continue N along the Buet ridges to a cabled antecedent (be careful sliding shale).

Go down under the point of the Juniper to reach the Col du Genévrier (2691 m) (1h30), then follow the track in the stones on the crest of the Cheval Blanc towards NE.

At the top, turn off by the fairly steep path leading from the Col du Vieux, then under the Pointe à Corbeaux to the Col de la Terrasse (2648 m).

Beware of possible rock falls caused by the ibexes above.

The crossing from the summit of Le Buet is long and airy (2h30). ##Return From the Col de la Terrasse, reach the Loriaz refuge (1h), then Le village du Buet (1h30) ####Variant : Over 2 days, by the Cheval Blanc and Lake Emosson From the Col du Genévrier, cross to the tops of Cheval Blanc (SW and NE tops). Go down the Veudale gorge and join the Emosson dam. Pass by the Barberine waterfall and return to the Buet station.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._