The longest run on the mountain, offering incredible views and a cruisy ride from top to bottom









Galloping Goose is a green groomer that starts at the top of the Prospect Express (lift 12) and brings you all the way to the bottom of the Meadows, making it the longest run on the mountain.

Galloping Goose follows the ski resort boundary and offers 4.6 miles of scenic views and fun skiing.

The top section of this run is the steepest, and offers a lot of variety.

Ski around patches of trees, up and down pitches and through a beautiful forest with amazing views of the surrounding area.

The cat track just after the first section of this run tends to be icy for most of the day, as it sees a lot of traffic and little sunlight.

The section through the forest can also be icy, and is a bit narrow.

After this section, Galloping Goose widens up a bit and connects with Lower Galloping Goose to take you down to the base of the Meadows.

This run is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, scenic run that is long and mellow.

This run can see some traffic at times, but is never too crowded.