In summer, the starting point is at the Col de Plan Bois. In winter, you can also leave from Le Veuillet.


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##Ascent From the Plan des Berthas, join the Col de Plan Bois and then follow the mountain pasture road that leads to the chalets of Sulens.

Leave it around 1570 m, at the level of a grove and plumbing the summit. Continue towards the ruins of the Greffaz and from there directly to the summit. Alternatively, continue the alpine pasture road to a bend (1605 m) and continue towards the 1750 m pass located on the ridge to the S of the summit and from there reach the summit (easier). ##Descending # several possibilities **1-** By the same route **2-** Start under the ridge, on the SW side and find, on the S side of a steep and quickly cleared area, a small corridor oriented NW, short 35°.

At the bottom of it, pull to the left to reach the shaded area under the Lanches (top 1776 m) then the chalets of Sulens (1620 m).

Then start straight under the climbing track on a full N slope and at the bottom of it, walk along the grove to reach the lower chalets (1452 m, possibly a small lift).

Reach the wooden plane neck by the track. 3-**** Under the summit, descend a steep slope to the NW.

At the bottom, turn right towards the entrance of a full N-neck.

Lower it down (a passage at about 40° in the trees).

At the foot of the Narrows, turn left to reach the Berthas' map.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._