Classic and popular itinerary. Practicable by low snowfall because it takes place in mountain pastures without rocks or pebbles.


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[img=197847 right]Combaz head from Contamines[/img] ## Upward From the car park, go up by the generally snow-cleared road and cross the pretty hamlet of Le Baptieu.

At its exit, follow the forest road to the chalets of Colombaz (1500 m). In good snow conditions it is possible to put on skis from the parking lot, just to the right of the bridge.

Then climb upwards to the left in the meadows and cut the road's bends to the chalets des Places (1360 m), find the forest road that leads to Colombaz. Just after Colombaz leave the road on the right.

Climb to the NW, on wooded slopes, towards an electric pylon and reach the ruins of the Crêt (1800 m) at the base of a shoulder.

Follow this shoulder to the left until it reaches its summit (2101 m).

Continue to the left on a slight hillside and then on the slope that leads to the pass (2411 m).

Then win, on the left, the head of the nearby Combaz. Very comfortable summit with panoramic views of Mont Blanc, Beaufortain and Aravis. #### Variant by the Creys Plan From the chalets des Places (1360 m) it is possible to go up to the right by the chalets du Plan des Creys (1420 m) and slightly wooded slopes.

Go up to an isolated chalet (1758 m) then cross a small plateau on the left to find the classic route to the chalets du Crêt.

A quieter variant where it is not uncommon to meet the many chamois who live on this slope. #### Hiking After reaching the Colombaz chalets, simply follow the right marked trail to the top. ## Descent [img=202785 right]Topo : Head of the Combaz and Mt Joly, slope SE[/img] For the descent, there are 4 possibilities: - By the ascent route, beautiful homogeneous slope to Colombaz. - By crossing more or less to the right (SW) you can choose combes and orientations adapted to the snow conditions of the moment.

Join the forest road upstream of Colombaz. - The variant of the Crêt plan offers some beautiful slaloms between the spruces. - Go down into the valley facing E to point 2031 m.

Continue on the left by a corridor along the Nant des Riandettes (sections in S4).

At the bottom of the corridor, continue to the left to reach the easier slopes that lead to the Adret chalets and the car park.

This path, a little complex between steep shale bars, can be seen from the centre of the village of Les Contamines.

It requires very good snow conditions and excellent snow conditions.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._