A blue intermediate connecting trail, providing access between the Killington Peak and Skye Peak, South Ridge and Bear Mountain areas.









Bear Trax (upper) is a short blue intermediate trail off the Killington Peak area, used to connect with the South Ridge and Bear Mountain areas.

To access this trail, take the K1 Gondola to the top and get on to Great Northern and stay to skier’s right.

Take your second right turn on to Bear Trax past Blue Heaven on your right.

This is a fairly open space for easy cruising.

You can connect on to Launch Pad here if you stay all the way over on skier’s left.

NOTE: You can also access the Canyon area by staying to skier’s left and looking for Low Road (unmarked on the trail map).

This is the ONLY way to connect into the Canyon from this area.

You may have a slight uphill grade and need to boot out but it is a very short distance to Escapade.

This trail gets a lot of light and is perfect for people connecting to the above named trails.