A short hike to a fun wide open bowl


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Use the Alpine Bowl or Summit Chairs to reach this trail.

From the Summit Chair, bear left as you exit the lift.

Cross Alpine Bowl on the groomed road to the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair.

Ski through the building that covers the top station and begin hiking across the steep slope.

Using the Alpine Bowl Chair exit to your left and begin hiking.

Use caution, especially when conditions are firm.

There is usually a trail made by previous skiers.

Continue toward the rocky outcropping at the west end of Upper Saddle and carefully sidestep to the top.

On the other side of the rock outcropping is a wide ridge (it can be rocky, especially in the early season or low snow years).

Ski the ridge until you arrive at the low point of this saddle.

This is Lower Saddle.

Turn left, away from Lake Tahoe which you can see on a clear day, and ski back toward the main Alpine Meadows Ski Area.

The bowl, accessed from Lower Saddle, is short and skied on powder days or on days when the wind has created a smooth chalky surface, but rarely at other times.

There are small trees scattered in the bowl in the early season.

This small bowl ends at the Firing Line run. This is a short run on an open slope.

It is not very steep, but the access to it requires hiking and can be a difficult as side stepping is required on a short steep slope. On a powder morning you can get a face full of snow on this run, but it would not be the first place to race to for a face shot.