A much tougher challenge than day 1, the crossing of the Zatrwa La Col is the first significant hurdle of the expedition.


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Given the leap in sleeping altitude that this day entails, it is highly recommended to do much of the climb (to around 4000 metres) and then return to Chutanga for a second night before tackling the Zatrwa La the next day.

Anyone who attempts to cross the Zatrwa La and then sleep at Tuli Kharka on their second day of trekking is almost certain to run into problems with altitude so although this is shown as Day 2 of the trip, it will actually be your 3rd day on the trail.

Begin by climbing east up increasingly barren terrain as rhododendron forests give way to high mountains.

There are superb views of the famous Dudh Kosi river and on the climb there are some tiny huts which (if they’ve been restocked recently) might sell some much needed sweet treats to keep you going.

Keep on pushing up on a good trail which zig zags to the Zatrwa Og (a subsidiary col), descends slightly and then climbs up to the Zatrwa La proper.

Allow 4 - 5 hours from Chutanga to the Zatrwa La, although in snowy conditions it will take longer and may require the use of crampons. Soak in the expansive views and then descend a ridge for 100 metres before dropping down and right to reach Tuli Kharka.

Even assuming you have done an acclimatisation day before reaching this point, Tuli Kharka is still at a very high altitude for this early in a trip so move slowly, drink plenty of water and show the altitude respect.