A great, mellow day through utterly wild and spectacular scenery.


2 - 3









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After an easy day yesterday you have another one today.

Where exactly you start and end the day will determine exactly how straight forward it is, but whether you go slightly further than we suggest or knock a bit of distance off, the terrain you're covering is mainly flat and very enjoyable to hike through. From whichever spot you camped, head north up the foot of the Hongku valley on a somewhat vague but generally acceptable path.

The path more or less follows the river which runs the length of the valley and so there are numerous idyllic spots to stop and admire the view whilst listening to the river trickle past.

Sections of the river can be frozen for much of the year and often the small lakes which punctuate the river's passage are frozen on the surface. The mountain which dominates the view for much of the day is Chamlang, a 7300 metre mountain with a particularly aesthetic north face.

As you progress up the valley, keep looking over your right should to study the face - it is one of those faces that seems to reveal a new detail every time you look at it. Shortly before the valley begins to bend rightwards towards the Hunku Glacier you will reach a series of small lakes.

Set up camp somewhere in amongst these and be prepared for a chilly night - the area around the Hongku lakes can often feel pretty cold despite their relatively low altitude! The beautiful sunset panorama should ease the pain of the cold somewhat!