*On the mountain bike tour Seekar Runde the Gosaukamm is within reach! A leisurely mountain bike tour including mountain pastures, glaciers and lakes - that's pure mountain bike feeling. At the latest with the panorama of the mighty Gosaukamm, everyday life is forgotten and we have finally arrived in the Dachstein Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Eldorado. *


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The highlight of the Seekar round: ------------------------------------------------------------------- **The Gosaukamm that's within reach on the mountain bike tour! ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Seekar round in Gosau offers us mountain bikers a great mountain panorama including clear alpine air in a natural mountain region.

The mountain bike tour starts off through the dense forests in Gosau.

Before you know it, you'll end up in a kitschy, beautiful alpine pasture area.

After the ascent you can breathe in the clear alpine air and the scent of the meadows.

A real power place! Before the long descent, you can admire the panorama of the Gosaukamm.

On no other mountain bike tour is the Gosaukamm massif as close to hand as on the Seekar round trip! Start in front of the Gasthaus Gosauschmied in the Hintertal district.

There direction Gosausee.

After 160 meters on the road towards Gosausee we turn left into the steeper forest road.

After approx.

4 km we go straight on at a fork in the road towards Grubenalm and at km 7.5 we reach the crossing Schleifsteinbruch/Grubenalm.

We turn sharp right uphill to the highest point of the tour (1447 HM).

On the descent we enjoy the beautiful view of the Gosaukamm and Dachstein massif.

At the junction Ebenalm/Grubenalm we turn right, pass the Ebenalm and after a steeper descent we reach the Vorderen Gosausee.

We turn right, pass the Gasthaus Gosausee and cycle down the main road to the pond near the power station.

There we turn right into the gravel path, straight ahead to the back of the pond.

This then leads back downhill to the Gamsjäger inn. *Order mountain bike map for all routes in Salzkammergut ... ( https://dachstein.salzkammergut.at/kartenbestellung.html ) To the 360° Panorama Tour through the Gosau Valley ...

( https://www.dachstein-panorama.at/?s=pano68545&utm_source=tourdata&utm_medium=textlink&utm_campaign=tourdata360tour ) Mountain rescue: 140*