A day with a "big" feeling which passes through some unusual scenery.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is an excellent day of trekking which takes you through some highly unusual scenery, primarily because of the Imja Tsho lake which you spend much of the day hiking around. Begin the day by making a gradual descent to the western end of Imja Tsho and then hike north, following the path above the shore of the lake to reach the northern side of the lake.

Hike east along the northern side of the lake, taking plenty of photos as you go - a huge, semi-frozen lake with the north face of Baruntse behind isn't something you see every day! Walk all the way to the eastern end of the lake and then follow the path as it swings around to the north and begins zig zagging up a scree slope.

The slope is quite steep and, frankly, a bit of a pain! Just keep your head down and keep going. Island Peak base camp is not one distinct place but is a series of flat spots at just over 5000 metres.

Pick the best one you can find and set up camp.

The camp sits on a shelf, with steep ground below and above, so it feels very dramatic and enjoys a great view. Get some rest and prepare for an early start!