A wide open field with a couple of fun features running into a short gladed area.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the end of the Ridge Run traverse, keep skiers right past the fence line until you see the wide field of G.S.

Start to open up on your right hand side.

This is a 100 metre powder field which is fairly easy, however there are a couple of features slightly further to skier's left of this field which offer some great learning terrain for some big mountain cliff hucking! For the first drop (Tree Cliff), continue along the ridge until you get to the first trees, here you will see a platform, almost like a diving board, between the small trees.

Launch off this on a powder day for a good 8-10 feet drop.

Usually it's best to hit it with some speed to clear the little trees below.

Further skiers left of this tree band is a much smaller 2-5 feet drop amongst some small trees.

Both of these drops are perfect for building up confidence on cliffs.

Ski down and over Pika's Traverse (look right for traffic) and you'll enter into an area with lots of options for gladed skiing.

Whichever line you choose, continue down the fall line and eventually you will hit the marked blue run G.S.

Take this down to Harmony Chair for your next lap!