Steep line off of Coyote Road









The Bite is line located to skier's right of Staircase and Blowdown and is a steep area with a few line options.

Access The Bite via Jersey Cream, on your left you will see a traverse leading you to Coyote Road.

This is the furthest line on the right, with Blue Line and Glacier Drive on the other side.

This line is longer than Blowdown and about similar in length to Staircase.

This can be used as a way to get warmed up for some more intense chutes further up in the alpine if you are waiting on avalanche clearance for the upper chairs.

Jersey Cream is a zone that tends to open up after a storm sooner than the alpine, and these lines provide a good option for quality skiing below the alpine.

The Bite ends directly in front of the base of the Jersey Cream Express and Glacier Express so you can head up quickly for more.