A beautiful day of trekking even deeper into the mountain wilderness that is the upper Khumbu.


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Another day alongside the Bhote Khosi river, today is even quieter than the trek up to Thame.

The route today follows an ancient trading route from Tibet and the tiny villages you pass through would have some fabulous stories to tell if their walls could speak. Drop down from Thame to the village of Thametang and then follow the wide path that climbs alongside the river.

The angle of ascent is rarely too steep, meaning that you can set a steady pace and (hopefully) avoid getting too out of breath.

At these altitudes it becomes hard to recover if you do exert yourself, so terrain like this which encourages you to stroll gently is ideal.

Carry on climbing gently through the villages of Hungmo and Tarangar (Thranga on some maps) and finally (an hour or so past Tarangar) to Marulung.

The village is tiny but there are some lodges and some fabulous campsites too. Given that this will be your first night above 4000 metres, take it very easy moving around Marulung; it is much easier to avoid altitude sickness by being sensible than it is to recover from it.

There are many boulders around the village so take a cup of tea and a good book and enjoy the solitude, safe in the knowledge that simply sitting and existing is helping you acclimatise! The temperature really drops once the sun disappears at this altitude so most people are tucked up in bed by 9pm in Marulung.