A long blue which is the link from the Massif to Flaine.


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As the main drag to Flaine from the 'Massif' ski stations, this initailly wide blue run can become quite crowded at peak times.

Starting from the top of the Vernant and Grand Vans lifts, it often becomes icy at the first right-hand corner approximately 300 metres into the run, due to exposure.

Continuing down under the Grand Vans chair the piste narrows slightly but flattens to a very gentle slope for approximately 500 metres, meaning you can take the first 700-900 metres straight lining if you are capable.

However, it would be a shame not to enjoy the width of this piste and even some of the safe off-piste bumps and jumps to both sides.

The Véret lift is to your left (and should be taken if there is no queue and good powder conditions for popping in a quick run down the Combe), the piste narrows and then becomes pretty steep at the south facing right-hand bend.

A zigzagging path is available to help those less confident down this apparently extremely steep section of this blue piste, although this is rumoured to have been widened in the summer of 2015 to help with making accessing Flaine a more pleasant experience.

Sweeping round to the right, the piste becomes a track (with snow cannons) and has various other pistes splitting off to allow different routes into the Flaine bowl, and the DMC lift.