It might not be highest summit in these parts but the view from Gokyo Ri is hard to beat!


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



Another day which requires an early start, Gokyo Ri is worth getting out bed early for.

The ideal time to arrive on top is at sunrise so a pre-dawn start and a trudge uphill using head torches is the price of entry.

Allow 2 hours to get up to the summit, which is reached via a good but steep path which will test your determination! Once you hit the summit any tiredness will instantly be forgotten because the panorama from the top is utterly spectacular.

Cho Oyu dominates the view to the north, and Everest is unmissable to the east.

Spend a long time studying the view armed with FATMAP to enable you to identify the other surrounding mountains. Having filled a memory card with photos (there is no such thing as too many photos from a spot like Gokyo Ri) descend back to the village, which takes about an hour to reach from the summit.

Grab a second breakfast and then cross the glacial moraine at the foot of the Ngozumba Glacier. The crossing of the moraine takes about 45 minutes and is clearly marked with cairns and markings even though it changes year by year.

On the far side of the moraine, head south and get off the glacier at the tiny farming village of Dragnag.