Rustler's Loop is probably the best beginner mountain bike trail in the state of Colorado.









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Rustler’s Loop might just be the most incredible beginner mountain bike trail in the state of Colorado and, by extension, the world.

While perhaps that assertion contains a bit of hyperbole, it’s honestly not far off.

Rustler’s has been specifically designed and built to help beginner mountain bikers increase their skills and learn to enjoy riding singletrack.

Easy climbs flow up the hillside, leading to easy descents down the other side.

But the trail isn’t a totally flat singletrack, either.

Small technical rock features are interspersed in the second half of the trail, providing a little bit of spice and entertainment.

This isn’t road biking, after all.

This is _mountain_ biking, and the trail builders who constructed Rustler’s tried to showcase the challenge and entertainment that mountain biking can provide. Signs are posted along the trail at regular intervals and key trail features, providing tips for beginners to help them learn the sport and negotiate the specific obstacle in question.

For instance, at a small rock ledge, a sign will explain how to climb up the ledge.

Before a descent, a sign will explain the ideal body position for descending. Unlike some beginner trails that are located in a ho-hum area with zero views, Rustler’s also provides spectacular vistas of the Colorado River down below.

A couple of vista points provide the perfect spot to stop for a snack and enjoy the experience.

Intermediate and advanced riders that pedal the Rustler’s loop should expect to encounter conga lines of beginners, and they should be considerate of beginner riders by passing respectfully.

This trail has been built for _them_, after all.

That said, Rustler's still provides an entertaining rip for any mountain biker.

The final descent, in particular, is a superb bobsled run of flowy, banked turns.