A lesser-ridden area in the Kokopelli Loops Trail System, with one of the best-quality singletrack trails!


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While most people choose to park at the primary trailhead off the Loma exit, parking off the Mack exit provides access to an incredible set of lesser-traveled trails in the Kokopelli Loops Trail System.

Despite being lesser-traveled, one of the newest trails in the network—the Hawkeye Trail—forms the final descent of this loop and is now one of the highest-quality singletrack trails in the region. The route as it is mapped here begins by climbing up the Troy Built trail.

Make no bones about it: Troy Built is a strenuous climb that’s sometimes too steep to pedal for mere mortals.

While climbing Hawkeye to Mack Ridge and then descending Mack to Troy Built is a viable route option, that choice doesn’t provide the superb descent down Hawkeye.

Pick your poison, but this loop is great in either direction. After reaching the Mack Ridge trail, the singletrack continues to climb before plateauing on top of the ridge.

Here, you’ll enjoy fantastic views of Colorado National Monument, the Colorado River, and the Book Cliffs.

The views from the top of the ridge are simply fantastic, and should be savored! After pedaling along Mack Ridge, enraptured by the phenomenal views, you’ll reach the descent down Hawkeye.

Get ready to shred! The singletrack descent is achievable by intermediate riders thanks to a trail tread that’s not too steep, providing delightful swoop and flow as it descends.

The trail makes maximum use of the hillside, working back and forth and turning what would otherwise be a steep plummet into an extended, enjoyable descent. For the advanced rider, Hawkeye is filled with optional technical features.

Massive rock up-and-overs, jumps, drops, and rock gardens greet the rider with an eye for spicy lines.

Consequently, Hawkeye serves up a spectacular ride for a wide range of mountain bikers! This modern trail design with so many possible variants has gained Hawkeye a cult following.

As of spring 2019, it may just be the best-constructed, and most-entertaining trail in the Fruita area!