A blue cruiser that merges into a blue terrain park.









Timberline is a great intermediate trail for anyone looking for some cruising, as well access to an intermediate TERRAIN PARK.

To access this location, you need to take the Ram's Head Express Quad from the base.

The Ram's Head Express Quad is almost always a long, cold and windy ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the left.

Proceed down the top and stay to the right.

This area is very wide and congested, so be respectful of others on the trail.

Take your first left on to Easy Street.

Stay on Easy Street for a short while and stay straight.

Do not bear left, otherwise you will miss Timberline.

Timberline will continue as a fun blue cruiser until you get to the gate to Neff Land, which is an intermediate terrain park.

As always, use caution in the terrain park and do not stop on top of a jump or at the landing areas of any terrain park features.

The features are small to medium.

This trail is always groomed and is usually in the shade.

The perfect intermediate run for people looking for cruising and access to an intermediate terrain park.