Amp up your spring training on Pueblo's miles and miles of XC singletrack.


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Lake Pueblo State Park serves as an ultra-popular Front Range ride in the spring, winter, and fall (to a lesser extent).

When most other places are wet, cold, or snowy, Pueblo somehow manages to stay relatively warm and dry.

The trails at Lake Pueblo State Park, commonly referred to as “Pueblo Reservoir,” tell a tale of two different styles of mountain biking.

The network here provides either long, rolling cross country singletrack that's perfect for miles and miles of pedaling, or short, steep, ultra-technical drops perfect for honing your bike handling skills.

There isn’t much in between.

The route mapped here showcases the cross country side of Pueblo Reservoir. Thanks to Pueblo’s unique climate, these long XC loops provide the perfect opportunity for cross country and endurance racers to log singletrack miles in the springtime as they amp up their training.

It’s common to see riders training and moving fast on these long, flowing trails.

While some of the loops mapped here aren’t desirable to some riders, there’s no denying the amount of singletrack mileage that you can cover at Pueblo Reservoir. That said, some of these cross country trails do provide beautiful, entertaining riding.

The Inner Limits and Outer Limits loop, in particular, runs along the top of the cliffs that bound the reservoir, offering stunning views of the lake and the mountains beyond.

The flow of the singletrack is superb and bike-optimized, and despite doing a surprising amount of climbing, it rarely feels arduous.

Small technical sections and fast gulley down-and-ups keep the riding from getting dull. When the weather’s poor in the rest of the state, Pueblo is almost guaranteed to be perfect! Be sure to put this winter destination on your list!