A fantastic double loop with blazing-fast descents and stunning scenery.


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The McCoy Flats Trail System located outside of Vernal, Utah is the most expansive trail network in the region.

With over 35 miles of interconnected singletrack, you can create routes of varying lengths and technical difficulties.

The terrain in this region is classic desert badlands, filled with flat-top mesas, soaring ridgelines, and lowlands in between.

There isn’t any tree cover to speak of in the area, so expect to ride in direct sunlight the entire time.

During the spring, the hillsides are covered in green grasses and flowers, but in mid-summer, the earth will be scorched dry. Consequently, the best time of year to ride here is during either the spring or the fall.

With the McCoy Flats trailhead located at 5,300 feet above sea level, the area is a bit too high for reliable winter riding.

However, when you hit the temperature window just right, the weather is absolutely perfect! If you want to gain some real elevation and access fantastic views across the entire region, then this double loop is the ride for you! This route climbs to the top of the highest ridge in the trail system not once, but twice. Why twice? Because both of the trails off the ridge are just fantastic, and both need to be ridden! On your first climb up, you won’t make it quite to the top as you spot the swooping turns of Serendipity arcing down a narrow valley.

How can you pass up a descent that inviting?! After ripping down Serendipity, if you have the legs for it, climb back up the hill and continue all the way to the top of Jackalope.

If you reach the absolute top of the ridge you’ll enjoy tremendous views of Dinosaur National Monument, the mountains beyond, and the desert below you.

Pack your camera and snap a few shots. The descent down Jackalope is longer, straighter, and consequently faster, making for a rip-roaring bomb down the mountain! As you tear through sagebrush and catch off of little kickers, you’ll understand why this route is set up as a double loop.

The climb pays off yet again!