A long and varied run starting above the tree line.


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As one of the main thoroughfares linking Briançon and Chantemerle, this piste gets a major amount of traffic.

That coupled with the fact it is supplemented with artificial snow means it can get very hard-packed in the middle section.

It is a proper and long blue run with gentle and steeper sections to keep it interesting and varied.

Starting off above the tree line, it weaves its way down to the bottom of the Prorel chairlift, by which time you are well below the tree line.

When yore almost in sight of the finish, there is one tricky bit where the piste narrows considerably with a rather off-putting drop into a shallow gulley to your left.

Just be aware of this narrow section and take your time.

All in all it's a lovely, long and varied run that's well worth tackling.