A Black Diamond chute in the Saddleback area.









Hourglass is a great hidden run in plain view.

To get to Hourglass head down the Saddleback trail and just below Rodney's Ridge is the Hourglass.

Ascend the hill below the ridge and check out your line between the rocks.

This chute is fairly steep and offers great turns.

It's a local favorite even though it's in plain sight.

The weather in this area is often good, but this run is difficult in a white out as the chute can become obscured.

Descend the Hourglass and meet up with the Saddleback trail again.

This will bring you back to the Paradise chair and you can head further down to the Larch and Ptarmigan Chairs.

Either the Paradise or the Ptarmigan can bring you back to the front side.

The only downside of the runs in this area is that you have to go back to the front side for multiple laps.

A great run for sunny days, the view of the valley below is amazing.