Take the spine down Mt Whitehorn









Ridge Run is a great way to take a look at the Ultimate Steeps.

Take the Summit Platter to the the top and enter in the Whitehorn 1 area.

Head left towards the ridge that separates the east and north faces and ride this ridge.

It can be a fun to ride this line a spine, descending down to Rodney's Ridge or you can cut left into Adrenaline to get a taste to the Ultimate Steeps.

The view from this area is amazing.

Richardson Ridge is directly in front of you and you can scope out the Boomerang Bowl to the left.

Whatever way to head you will end up on the lower cat track that meets up Paradise Chair that can bring you back for seconds, but you have to meet up the Summit Platter on the Front Side.

You can also continue to the Ptarmigan or the Larch further down the backside.

This east facing slope is amazing.