This is an undulating glade with some tight trees and a few open areas.


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This is an undulating glade with some tight trees and a few open areas.

Thanks to the trees, snow fills in deep here and stays.

Look to Orgasm Meadows (aka O-Meadows) when the rest of the mountain is tracked out.

At only 500 vertical feet, this run is much shorter than its neighbor Niagaras.

But don't let that stopping you from exploring this fun, dynamic glade that has much to offer.

Enter Gate 10 and continue north on "Gun Tower Ridge" past the now-defunct gun tower building that was once used for avalanche control.

Orgasm Meadows starts here on the east side of the ridge and continues to to the end of the ridge.

This upper section starts steep, but once off the ridge, the slope mellows.

Work your way to one of many open sections in this glade.

The trees have been cut and limbed here to produce good skiing.

If you choose the right hand side, you will find a steep, open face partway down.

Don't miss this secret spot that often holds fresh snow days after a storm.

Otherwise, work you way to the wide section of I-5 trail, which will return to the base area.

When the I-5 trail hits a scree field, snowboarders might choose to head straight down to the parking lot and take the shuttle back to the base area.

The shuttle only runs on busy days when cars are parking there.

If staying on the trail, head into the trees past the scree field, across Employee Housing Run (and another opportunity to drop the few hundred feet to the parking lot) before entering the narrow section of the I-5 trail, which requires some sidestepping in sections and a long, flat and narrow traverse trail through the trees.