Official World Cup descent









Do you want to experience what the pro downhill riders feel? Then head for the World cup descent on the Zwölferkogel! Not recommended as the first run of your day or with a hangover lurking, but after warming up it can definitely be a fun piste to go down.

Its accessible through the Zwölferkogelbahn from Hinterglemm and consists of two parts.

It starts with a very steep descent until the middle station and after that it gradually opens up to a more open piste and changes from black to red.

After the Initial steep and wide bit it makes a right towards the main slope and the middle station.

From the middle station keep to the left on the 13a to head towards the valley.

The number of the top part is 15 and can be very icy at times.

Especially when official races are on it gets watered to be even more icy and fast! So be on the lookout if there are any official races during your stay.