A linking run with a view. Mostly straightforward but with one tricky section.


Analysing terrain data








The real reason for doing this run is to get back to Briançon by avoiding red runs.

Chemin is a blue all the way to the mid station of the Prorel gondola.

The first section is a gentle, narrow path.

Whoever named the pistes must have run out of inspiration the day they named this one - the name translates as "path".

Almost flat, this is not a great place to be on a snowboard.

The views aren't bad though- if you do end up walking! It tends to be a bit busier on this piste than the other runs in this sector around the Serre Pelat button lift on account of the fact it is the only connecting piste from the bottom of the Rocher Blanc chairlift.

There is a tricky section of blue just after passing the bottom of the button lift, but other than that the rest is fairly straightforward and is a gentle path for most of the second half.