Technical chute hiding in “The Crags”









The Crags is an area of formally out of bounds skiing that is technical and steep.

You must access the area by hiking to the top of Casper Bowl and traversing beyond the bowl and past a short sidestepping section until you are around the corner.

The corner indicates indicates the start of Shots 7,8, and 9 and traversing further will bring you to the less steep Sheridan Bowl, Limber Pine Chutes, and Dayton Bowl.

It is also possible and now possibly easier to hike to The Crags from the top of the new Teton Chair (either way you choose, be aware of the 2pm closure). The Crags is known for its rocky features.

There are little pillows and boulders to play on, but also deadly cliffs and closeout sections, so get to know the area by following someone in the know, or by slowly learning the intricacies through a cautious approach.

Shot 8 is the far skier’s right hand side of The Crags.

It is the hardest to find of it’s two neighboring chutes as the entrance is not clearly defined.

From the corner separating Casper Bowl from the Crags ski slowly straight down looking for your path, it should be just skier’s left of the fall line.

As you exit the chute you will find yourself in a large boulder field.

If fully covered, these boulders become a pillowy playground, but if not can cause entrapment.

Make your way through the boulder field and into the tightly packed trees before the run dumps you onto Amphitheater Traverse near top of the Casper Quad.