A speedy fun run, for those who don't like to hang around.


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Off the top of Hexenboden, there are a number of choices, most of which are pretty steep.

3a is probably the steepest option, and can look rather intimidating, so probably best tackled after a warm up run or two.

It can be brutally icy first thing in the morning, but still lots of fun as long as you can accept the fact you might not be in full control at all times.

No need to worry about taking someone else out, as it is rare that this part of the piste sees many crowds.

After the initial steep section at the top, you will pass the top of the Trittalp lift, where the run begins to level off into a more standard red run.

The only section to be aware of after this is the section with netting on the left-hand side, where the snow can vary wildly from one side of the piste to the other, and people can come flying down out of control.

A great run for adrenaline junkies, as it is possible to ski quickly all the way from top to bottom.