Flat, narrow trail but with a beautiful view and glacier surroundings.









For the extreme, hardcore rider the 35 will be quite boring.

The piste is flat and really narrow so taking your carving skills to the max will be a tough job over here.

But this is not the reason why you should visit this beauty once.

The trail is located through the middle of the Rettenbach glacier and on the right hand side you have a constant wall of blue, clear glacier ice which is sometimes interrupted by a dark endless cave that leads deep into the glacier ice.

On the left you will see a most beautiful view of the Rettenbach Tal, where your eyes can follow the zigzagging Gletcherstrasse until your eyes hit the Ötztal again.

The slope is also a convenient way to traverse from the 32 to the 34 if the Black 31 might be to challenging for you.

The slope is not the best to improve your riding or doing some crazy stuff that you've never done before but it definitely can be an experience you've never experienced before, cruising next to a thousands year old sheet of ice.