A varied and interesting piste for short or long turns.


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The red alternative to the Myrtilles blue run, Saludes has wide and gentle sections to carve and steeper sections to work on shorter turns.

The piste is varied and interesting and a joy to ski in good snow with nobody about.

It can, however, get crowded as it is one of the main linking runs between Briançon and Chantemerle, and the snow can be very hard-packed on the steeper sections due to the use of artificial snow to supplement natural snowfall.

Keep an eye out for the well-known 'Mushroom Valley' which starts to the right of the piste just after the first steep section.

This is where local kids and kids in ski school often take their first steps off-piste.

If you can't see Mushroom Valley you may be able to hear where it is by following the screams of delight as kids pick their way down through, around and over a series of 'mushrooms' - in actual fact snow covered boulders.

Also known as Smurf Valley and even Indiana Jones, Mushroom Valley re-joins the piste near the top of the Éduits red run.