When you're looking up Warming House Hill from the base area, Columbine Hill is the fun, ungroomed, rolling terrain you'll see on the left.









Columbine Hill is a great way to end the day or catch some powder or corn skiing when the resort is starting to get tracked up.

When you get off of Painter Boy, Prospect, or Gold Link head past the Ski Patrol Yurt and follow the signs for the blue runs Homeowner's and Columbine Hill.

You'll want to keep your speed on the groomer as it heads out on Columbine Hill so you don't have to skate as much.

It is well-marked so stay on the cat track until it ends.

There is a small wooden memorial to a CB local and from there you can ski down to the base area or Warming House Hill.

Columbine Hill gets a lot of sun so you can find patches of dirt on low snow years.

A steeper but shorter option to the skier's left will take you down to the Keystone Jib Park, and if you ski down towards some condo buildings you'll want to head left to get back to the base area.

It's a very enjoyable moderate pitch for intermediate skiers.