A short hike to fun great face skiing on Bald Mountain









Wildcat is a double black diamond hike to on Bald Mountain.

You can access Bald Mountain by skiing the Galloping Goose, a green groomer, from the Prospect Express (lift 12).

Stick skier's left on Galloping Goose and you'll see signs for Bald Mountain-be sure to read the signs because Bald Mountain can sometimes be closed.

Ski right to the trailhead, take off your skis and begin your ascent.

Wildcat is the third and last trail, and the hike should take around 20 minutes.

The hike is pretty mellow and there is most often times a boot pack that you can easily follow right up to the top.

Wildcat starts out as a wide open and steep face that can sometimes get wind scoured, but usually has decent snow.

On this face, there are lots of lines to choose from so have fun exploring! Wildcat narrows a bit towards the bottom and becomes less steep before popping you back out onto the Galloping Goose.

This run is perfect for the expert skier looking to get a quick hike in on some great terrain that is easily accessible.

This run is also great for skier's looking to ski Bald Mountain who wish to avoid skiing in the tight trees.