High Exit has some steep, fun, gladed skiing along the skier's left hand side of Third Bowl as it is joined by the Lower Third Bowl Entrance from Phoenix Bowl.









FATMAP difficulty grade



High Exit is some fun fall line skiing found past the Moosehead gate on the skier's left side of Solar Plexus.

After skiing Close Call, stay left for the side step past the Lookout Gate back to Phoenix Bowl.

You'll find a gate to Moosehead on your left on top of the Solar Plexus ridge and High Exit is just beyond it.

There are some quick tight chutes just on the rope line on your left or a more open pitch in the gut that can have some rocks in it on low snow years.

You'll soon find the traverse set by the Lower Third Bowl Entrance from Phoenix Bowl where you can head left through the gate to Phoenix or farm some turns on Low Exit before catching the last chance entrance to Phoenix Chutes on your left or Magic Carpet on your right.

The Solar Junkyard is the skier's right hand continuation of High Exit as it merges with the bench into you Lower Third Bowl.