Cruisy, quiet, blue run.









The run is accessible through 2 lifts.

The Einziger and the Gletcherexpress.

When you return from a fun day at the Glacier but don't want to be caught up in the haze of the Blue 30, take the Gletcherexpress back to Giggijoch and cruise your way down an almost empty 24.

When you exit the gondola, snowboarders will have to walk for about 100 meters until they reach the steep beginning of the Blue 24, as for skiers, they can just click in and give it a couple of pushes to reach the beginning of the slope.

When you come from Giggijoch and exit the Einziger, turn right.

You will see that the beginning part of the piste is quite steep but if you stay left on the slope, the slope should be no problem for intermediate beginners aswel.

It's recommended for snowboarders to get some speed going after the first few meters because after the few steep meters the slope will flatten out completely and nobody likes to walk, right? Right in the middle of the slope, the run splits.

If you would like to head up to the Schwarzkogl, where one of the best black pistes of the area is hidden, take the left exit and head your way up.

If you head right, you'll have the option to fuel up at the Schwarzkogl Restaurant, and continue your day or keep heading down where you can return to the Giggijoch area with the Seekogl lift, or head back up with the Einziger.