Fun variety skiers left on Siverado









To access Trail 90 turn left off the top of Silverado and follow the chair line angling slightly right away from the chair.

Head to a gate in the rope line on top of a flatter area.

Enter through gate 2.

There will be a large north to northeast facing bowl called Bailey's Cirque in front of you.

The bowl is steeper on skiers right.

You can also enter through gate 1 lower down on your left to the north.

You do lose some nice vertical by using gate 1.

After entering the bowl through gate 2, the bowl will flatten out, bear left under the chair and follow the chair, staying skiers left of the chair until you come to a steeper face.

Ski this pitch fall line, working your way to the right at the bottom to the road on the other side of a flat area area at the base of a big bowl.

There are rocks on this steeper pitch.

After you reach the road, follow it down to the base of Silverado chair.

There are many variations on the runs in Silverado, so it would be good to ski it with someone who knows the terrain until you are familiar with the area.

Pay attention to the rock and cliff warning signs and to any directional arrows.