Fast, flowy desert singletrack. If these trails were in Fruita, they'd be all the rage!


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The Lapoint Trails don’t have the name recognition of nearby McCoy Flats or Red Fleet, and in some ways, this is a disservice to the fast, flowy singletrack found in this network! Yes, on an objective basis this trail system isn’t quite of the same caliber as the aforementioned trails, but if you’re going to hit a third network in the Vernal area, Lapoint is the place to go. The singletrack in this network climbs gradually up the sloped desert floor, twisting through sagebrush and small pinion pines.

From the desolate trailhead, the area looks barren and uninteresting… but as you pedal up the trail, you’ll find that the builders did an excellent job of incorporating the most engaging natural features into their trail design.

Soon you'll be pedaling along narrow ridges, through entertaining arroyos, catching air on natural whoo-de-doos—all of a sudden, the Lapoint Trails turn out to be way more engaging than the trailhead would lead you to believe! These trails are perfect for beginner riders looking to stretch their legs on slightly longer loops, or less technically-adept riders who want to cover some mileage.

Starting on Racetrack is an excellent choice for beginner riders who aren’t sure how far they’ll want to go—it’s a bit shorter than Corkscrew and requires less climbing.

If Racetrack goes well and you’re still eager for more mileage, head on over to Corkscrew and complete that loop as well! The two trails mapped here are the most commonly ridden singletrack loops in the network.

However, further to the east you can find a couple more challenging trails, named Antelope Ridge and Skull Falls.

Since these trails aren’t ridden as often, navigation could prove a bit more difficult.

If you’re up for an adventure, head to the east of the parking lot!