A fun expert run down a steep face.









Promised Land is like a side country ski experience.

You need to be a strong expert skier to be safe and enjoy this run.

It would be smart to go with someone who is familiar with the terrain.

There is avalanche control, but is is never groomed and involves route finding and plenty of terrain challenges.

There are trees, rocks gullies and cliffs.

As you ride Scott chair, you will see a volcanic ridge line above and to your left.

You will go behind that ridge line and turn left to head NW down Promised Land.

Take Scott chair and exit left and follow the ridge northwards.

Watch for the whoop de doos and rollers on the ridge line.

Follow the ridge line until you are past the highest point.

Promised Land heads off to the left from here.

Watch for rocks, cliffs and trees on this run.

Proceed to the bottom where you will angle more left to get back to Hot Wheels or the base lodge.