a steep, easy access black diamond run









Palisades is actually two runs.

There is a West Palisades which is a little wider, but still steep, and an East Palisades that is narrower and can be slightly more difficult.

In the early season the trail is narrower and can be filled with moguls which ups the difficulty.

It is relatively steep and should not be attempted by anyone who is not at least an upper intermediate skier.

These runs are steeper with rock bands between them.

There are not many trees, but they are not wide open trails.

They are not groomed so they can be great on a powder day and dangerous in icy conditions. From the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair, exit right and ski below the top station, traverse a short distance to the start of the run.

From Summit Express, go left off the top and take the road that leads to the top of the Alpine bowl chair and ski below the top station.

The bottom of this trail merges with the Firing Line run that leads back to Alpine Bowl chair or continue to the base area and Summit Express Chair.