Wide-open glade skiing.


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Starting just to the skier's right of Cakewalk, just off the T-Lazy-7 Catwalk, Bob's Glade drops 400 vertical feet back down to the green terrain known as the Nugget.

This glade is usually pretty thin for snow coverage, but in the right conditions it can be a fantastic option to add to your top-to-bottom powder skiing experience on Aspen Highlands.

With a grove of aspen trees on the skier's right and pines on the left, this wide-open glade is lined with natural snow and soft bumps.

The beginning pitch is lacking as it is not intimidating, but as you work your way down the area narrows, forcing you into a pine gladed forest.

As you continue in and out of the trees, choose the skier's right-hand chute.

Caution, it's thinner here, and steeper.

Enjoy your final turns here and run it out into the groomer below.