One of the narrowest and steepest in Les Arcs









FATMAP difficulty grade



Follow the same hike as if you were aiming for the Comborciere couloirs, carrying on as far along the ridgeline as possible.

Once you get to the last couloir on your right ( facing back into the Fond blanc bowl) you will have to ski down it maybe halfway and then take a sharp left turn.

Stop here and put your skis on your back and start the hike up the next couloir.

Once you reach the top of this you will be on a flat platform and can either ski straight in front of you or if you look to your right you will see the narrow and steep entry into the Pointe du Four Couloir, this is the goal.

With good snow this is an enjoyable run, it will require jump turns at the top but once you have come out of the narrow part of the couloir you will be face with a wide open gully where you can open up your turns.

Keep skiing the fall line, through a short narrow gully, after this you are in a forest that will end up on the piste next to the Pre St Esprit chairlift. This is a couloir that will give you massive sense of achievement and it worth the effort to reach.

Try and get to it as early as you can and be wary of sluff if there is powder snow.

It is doable in spring but the snow may be less stable.