A steep, short entrance into Whistler Bowl located to the right of the offloading area for the Peak Express chairlift.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Liftie's Leap is the well-known and popular, steep yet short way of entering into the wide-open terrain of Whistler Bowl.

When exiting the Peak Express chairlift, take a right and make your way to the right of where the lift building is located.

The top section is very tight and narrow, requiring you to jump into this line.

Very quickly Liftie's Leap will connect you with the main area of Whistler Bowl.

If it hasn't snowed recently, expect the usual very large sized moguls as well as hard-packed conditions that can be found within Whistler Bowl.

The Liftie's Leap entrance will most likely be very hard-packed and fast as well.

This entrance is tight and very steep, however it is a favorite of many skiers due to its easy accessibility.

It is one of the quickest ways to immediately descend into the massive bowl located below from just beside the Peak Express.

This line is in close proximity to the large cliff you encountered at the top of the Peak Express, so use caution and make sure you are highly aware of your surroundings, as well as having the proper visibility conditions.

After completing the extremely tight top section, this line joins up with the rest of Whistler Bowl and opens up completely, giving you access to many more lines below as you work your way to the base of the Peak Express.