A narrow steep black diamond that will get your heart pumping


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The official trail map shows it as a black diamond, but it is really more advanced.

It is narrow, steep, rocky with consequences if you fall.

Use the Alpine Bowl or Summit Express Chairs to reach this trail.

From the Summit Chair bear left as you exit the lift.

Cross Alpine Bowl on the groomed road to the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair.

From the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair exit to your left and begin hiking.

Use caution, especially when conditions are firm.

There is usually a trail made by previous skiers.

Continue toward the rocky outcropping at the east end of Upper Saddle and carefully sidestep to the top.

On the other side of the rock outcropping is a wide ridge.

Look to your left over the cornice once you have completed the sidestepping and you are on the ridge.

This is the Keyhole Trail.

This is a must ski classic Alpine Meadows expert trail.

It is narrow and lined with rock bands.

You have to hike to it and then stare down one of the steeper runs at Alpine Meadows.

This is great on a powder, packed powder, or spring snow day, but dangerous in firm conditions.

The bottom of the run leads to The Firing Line trail.