The easiest descent into Flute Bowl requiring no hiking; a good run to get a feel for the area.









FATMAP difficulty grade



On the trail map, Flute Bowl is marked as having intermediate, advanced and expert terrain.

The easiest route (marked as a blue) requires little to no hiking and therefore is the perfect way to start to get a feel for the area before moving to more advanced and expert terrain.

Luckily, this line does not require hiking up the track, and it easily drops into the open area of the basin below where you can look up and pick your next line.

If you are new to the Flute area, use this run to get acquainted with the terrain before choosing a line that requires a bit of a hike.

Access is found off to the left of the Flute Traverse from the base of the Symphony Express at the beginning before the trail turns uphill.

Once at the bottom of the basin, locate the groomed exit track below you, which will lead you back to the base of the Symphony Express.

Be warned, however that the Symphony Express usually closes half an hour earlier before all other alpine chairlifts, and if you don't make it in time you will have to walk out via the Symphony Rescue Road to get back to the Harmony Express, which will take about 30 additional minutes.