Peak 10 Summit High Alpine Bowl


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4th of July bowl, gets it's name because it has snow on the 4th of July.

Start to access for this area from the top of Mercury Chair.

From the map's route descriptions, you will start the Twin Chutes Hike.

After that, you will get to the top of this hike and enter through the backcountry gate.

You must enter through the gate to access this area.

Be prepared for this zone because winds are usually high.

You will follow the Peak 9/10 Summit Hike over the East Ridge of Peak 9.

From here, you will then see the 4th of July Bowl if visibility is clear.

If it is not clear, wait till the ridge flattens out, and follow the Peak 10 Summit Hike on the map.

Once you reach the base of the Bowl, you will see the route/road to your left.

Now follow this road up to gain the ridge of Peak 10 and towards the Summit.

From the Summit, you may be able to ski down, it depends on snow coverage.

If you can not ski from the Summit, you will see the best route skier's right.

This bowl can ski really well starting around January and well into July, even all the way into September on very high snow years.

Avalanche conditions exist and the bowl sees activity throughout the year.