Short and steep- great tree skiing.


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G-0 is a north facing gladed area that offers about 400 vertical feet of tree skiing from the top of the line to the bottom.

It has an average pitch of 33 degrees with its steepest section being about 40 degrees.

This run on Highland Bowl is the furthest one on the left of the bowl, located near the ski area boundary line as you follow the ridge down into the dense trees.

To access this run you need to start at the 12,392 foot summit of Highland Peak, drop in far right along the boundary line, and ski down through the bumps, on the tiered, rolling terrain.

Follow the rope line down about 1,700 vertical feet before cutting back to the skier's left and dropping into the trees.

This is a long traverse, a ridged ski to access the run, and usually the upper areas have hidden powder stashes days after storms.

The run is rather out of the way and just getting there cuts down on the true vertical fall line skiing you can get if you ski something closer to the summit.

There are many different lines you can take here, you choose, and watch out for any clearings where you can open up your turns a bit more and escape the tight and steep skiing in the trees.

The starting elevation for this line is 10,700 feet.