A narrow chute between the pines.


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G-4 is a 700 vertical foot, north facing chute situated a few hundred vertical feet from the 12,392 foot summit of Highland Peak.

This chute offers tight and steep 37 degree skiing along its fall line.

G-4 is often skied on storm days as the chute is lined with pines that provide great opportunities for higher contrast than some other areas of the bowl.

To access this chute, ski about 600 vertical feet from the summit along the skier's right ridge; the tiered terrain here contains moguls, but the payoff is the steep skiing in G-4.

Find the opening in the trees that you can easily spot on skier's left, and point it fall line in the narrow opening.

As you continue down the 700 vertical feet, about half way down you'll find yourself heading towards a group of trees, choose your line, centre through the trees, or right or left in the more open chutes.

The starting elevation for this line is 11,720 feet.